Savour the Flavour: the Delicious World of Olive Oils

Savour the Flavour: the Delicious World of Olive Oils

Wed, Apr 19, 23

Have you ever wondered why some olive oils taste peppery, while others have a fruity aroma? It all comes down to the variety of olives used to make the oil. Olives have been cultivated for over 6000 years in the Eastern Mediterranean, and today, there are over 1000 cultivated varieties grown all over the world.

But don't be fooled by the common misconception that there are only green and black olives. In fact, green olives are simply unripe olives, with most developing color from pink to black as they ripen.

At our grove, we grow seven different varieties of olives, with six of them pressed for their unique and delicious oils. We never blend our oils, as we believe that each cultivar has its own distinct character that allows our customers to find an oil that suits their particular palate.

All high-quality extra virgin olive oils have a bitter and spicy quality to them, which reflects the presence of phenolic compounds in the oil. The intensity of these qualities can vary between different varieties, as well as the ground in which the olives are grown (also known as terroir) and seasonal weather variations.

But that's not all - a good extra virgin olive oil will also have fruity, herby, or grassy tastes, which can be described as either green or ripe. Each variety of olive will have its own unique flavor profile, with some being more fruity and others more herbaceous. It's truly a flavor experience unlike any other!
So, why not visit our grove and experience the rich flavors of our unique olive varieties? You'll be amazed at the depth and complexity of our oils, and we can guarantee that you'll never go back to budget oil again!