Who Are We?

Harvested Olives

Welcome to our family of olives! We're a boutique producer of award-winning extra virgin and flavoured olive oils based in the stunning Wairarapa, New Zealand.

Wall of awards in our on grove shop and tasting room

The best food starts with the best ingredients, and we cultivate our olives with care. With our sustainable approach, we're proud to grow 6 varieties of olives and press each one individually to showcase their unique flavours. You can read more about each variety here.

And if you're a fan of flavoured oils, you'll love our small-batch creations made with olives and flavouring fruit or herbs.

Join us on State Highway 2 to see first-hand what it takes to make olive oil magic happen. Trust us, there's something for everyone in our olive oil family!

Helen and Andy in the Grove




Andy & Helen Liley