Wedding on the Grove

Wedding on the Grove

Fri, Feb 23, 24

It has been a very busy couple of months on the grove. Usually we have a quiet period with the good weather, punctuated with markets over the summer.Preparing the wedding venue in the grove

This year our youngest daughter got married, and wanted the ceremony to take place on the grove. Not a difficult task you would think; but when the bride and groom, the grooms family and serveral friends are coming from Canada, it made the event more challenging to organise.

All was eventually arranged and the wedding took place on a beautiful Wairarapa summer's day, with everyone enjoying the sunshine in the day and music in a marquis well into the night.Dancing in the marquis

It's the first time we have done this, but given the sucess maybe others may want to use the grove?Photos in the grove of the newly wed couple

Thank you to @Flurogreyphotography for some of the photographs in the blog